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Why You Should Design with Natural Stone

  • 09/29/2017
  • By Kendra
Why You Should Design with Natural Stone

Advancement in manufacturing and technology gives people building a home over 15 types of exterior siding to choose from. You also have more than ten choices for interior flooring, walls, counter-tops, and backyard patios.

Homeowners should consider several factors when building these parts of a home ranging from a material’s resilience over time to how it can handle severe weather.

If you think you will ever sell your home, deciding which siding to use is critical. Builder magazine explains that a home’s exterior can drive sales and 78% of buyers prioritize how visually appealing a home is, only second to how large the home is.

With all of these options, your decision is important and can be valuable in several ways over time. Natural stone is an option for all of these surfaces–discover its great qualities below!


Architects consider stone one of the most sturdy options for a home’s exterior.

The world’s oldest building material has withstood the test of time in famous architecture, as seen in both The Great Pyramid and The Colosseum.

Stone homes resist fire, wind, water, insects cannot get through its tough surface, and its high density prevents it from decaying and rotting. It is also an environmentally friendly material because it comes from the earth, and without much modification. While each variety of natural stone demonstrates different levels of strength through its characteristics, it is overall the strongest and most natural looking building material.


Natural stone offers a high level of aesthetic and its classic look is timeless.

Its organic textures and colors dramatically boost a home’s appearance. The siding also gives homes a luxurious look and is incredibly easy to keep clean. Its features don’t require you to re-paint or re-install unless you want to change the color scheme or pattern. Its organic beauty will carry any tone you set through the architecture, and it’s said to add a significant amount of value to the home. The color variations and options are endless.


Natural stone also has a place in several rooms inside of the home.

You can install it on the countertops, walls, and floors. The most common material for counter-tops is granite and marble, while walls and floors usually use limestone, slate, and stone tiles. If you use it for the floor and live in a place where you experience cold climates, stone is ideal for radiant below surface heating systems. It’s also excellent to retain warmth inside the home when paired with a passive solar design.


Beyond the house’s exterior and interior, patio and pool areas are an exceptional place for natural stone.

The material brings charm to your pool and/or patio, plus it is suitable for retaining walls. Numerous pool decking material is available to choose from. Options such as travertine, flagstone, slate, sandstone, and more are available. When deciding which is appropriate for your home, consider how you’ll use the pool, the property’s architectural style, and the property’s location.

Regardless of which stone you choose, be sure to treat it with an approved sealer so it won’t undergo damage when exposed to pool chemicals.

What’s your favorite type of natural stone? Comment below!


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By Kendra, 09/29/2017 Kendra is a content writer with a BA in literature from Wilkes University. When she’s not reading up on the latest home decorating trends, Kendra is busy designing her future home, library included.


Kendra is a content writer with a BA in literature from Wilkes University. When she’s not reading up on the latest home decorating trends, Kendra is busy designing her future home, library included.

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