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Tips for Eliminating Clutter From Your Home

  • 10/05/2016
  • By Ally
Tips for Eliminating Clutter From Your Home

Do you find yourself experiencing more and more clutter buildup in your house, without the best means or time tackle it?

Instead of looking at it as a huge project too big to handle, break the process down into a few easy steps and you will have your clean and spacious dream home in no time.

The idea of living an organized, clutter-free life appeals to almost every homeowner. It sparks a lot of energy in someone willing to tackle the task immediately with the desire for immediate results. However, wondering “where do I even begin?” can bring that energy to a sudden stop. If that’s the case, your first step is to set goals for yourself.

Establish Goals

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These goals should keep you motivated throughout your de-cluttering process and will reduce frustration as you go:

  • Write down, map out, or number each room or space in your house that you wish to declutter.
  • Rank each room or space on severity of the clutter- this will help you prioritize your time.
  • Set completion dates that are realistic, so you don’t get frustrated when a task isn’t completed on time.
  • Do one room or space at a time.


Create a System

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As you begin working on your goals throughout your home, create a system for sorting the items you find that works for you.

The most common sorting method is the Three-Box Method.

This method forces you to make a quick decision on whether to keep, throw away, or store each item you find:

  • Gather 3 large boxes
  • Label each box either “keep,” “throw away,” or “storage.”
  • Empty each bin when you complete a room or space to its designated areas.

When it comes to the items you wish to keep, keep in mind the options of recycling, donating, holding a garage sale, or renting a dumpster to make it easier if you have large amounts of garbage.

Be Practical

The Three-Box Method is simple and organized, but it’s not without its drawbacks—in fact, it may be the most difficult part of decluttering.

While decluttering, you will inevitably come across items that are meaningful and valuable to you. Whether it’s something you spent hard-earned money on or is simply sentimental, the decision to keep, throw away, or store it won’t come so easy.

Parting with personal belongings is never easy, but there are ways to combat this challenge:

The 80/20 Ruleclothes, 80/20 rule, decluttering, organizing, making space

We only wear or use 20% of the clothes or objects we own 80% of the time. Dispose of the items that make up that 80%.

Get over sunk costs

Try to make rational decisions about what to keep or throw away. Since you can’t get money back on the majority of items in your house, you must instead consider the value these items themselves add to your life.

See if the object works

If it doesn’t work, get rid of it. If you want to fix it, make sure you will actually fix it and use it.

sleep, bed, sheetsDo you love it? Do you use it?

It may seem obvious, but we often purchase and keep items we don’t love or have use for. If you haven’t used it in 6 months, do you really love it? You should probably toss it.

Sleep on it

When the decision is too hard to make, sleep on it. If it’s something you can’t live without, you’ll know when you wake up in the morning.


Implement Your System

Now that you have an organized plan of attack, you want to start with small projects and gradually move onto bigger ones. This will give you a sense of accomplishment when you finish each task, and it will grow your stamina to complete the rest of your home.

Don’t forget flat surfacesjunk, clutter, organizing, decluttering, space

One area that tends to get overlooked are the flat surfaces. Counter tops, shelves, dressers, tables, etc. are all clutter-magnets. Newspapers, magazines, mail, bills, small appliances, are just a few of the many items that tend to pile up on flat surfaces.

While it’s ok to keep a few of these items on your countertop, don’t make the counter their home. Instead, make space in drawers or add small boxes/bins to nearby shelves to store these items. Only keep frequently-used, essential small appliances on your kitchen countertop.

Organize what you’re keeping

Once you’ve decided what you’re keeping, the next step is to categorize them. This will lead to organization optimization and will eventually give you the results you were looking for.

Keeping similar things together forces you to organize your home both now and in the future. It’ll make life easier! When every item in your home has a designated space, not only will you know where everything is, you will also reduce some of the little frustrations in your daily life!

If clutter in your home bothers you, it’s important to make sure that everything you keep in your home belongs there. Do you really love? Will you really use it in the future? Or is it simply just taking up space in your life? Thinking about everything you own from a more practical standpoint should get you the decluttered life you dream of—and prevent future instances of gathering clutter.



By Ally, 10/05/2016
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