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Palladio style architecture

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Lewith & Freeman Featured Listing: Bespoke Monroe Township Farmhouse

188 Henryk Lane Monroe Township, Pennsylvania 18612   Where elements of Italian-style architecture seamlessly blend into the fresh, country air of Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Have you ever dreamed of owning an abundance of farmland without sacrificing convenient location? Then this home may be your dream come true! Situated on just over 50 acres of agricultural land, this…

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By Sarah, 04/12/2017 Sarah is a content writer and social media assistant with a BA in literature/creative writing from Wilkes University. When she’s not spending her days at work writing, reading, and drinking coffee, she’s usually at home reading, writing, and drinking coffee. She also devotes a fair amount of time to HGTV, drawing, and doting on her dog. As a creator, Sarah believes in emphasizing personality through design and DIY projects.