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How to Prepare Your Home for an Aging Dog

How to Prepare Your Home for an Aging Dog

They grow so fast, don’t they? One day they’re brand new puppies and then the next thing you know, you have a senior dog on your hands. You’ve been together for significant moments in life: the many moves, new jobs, breakups…all the ups and downs. They’re family, after all, and you would do anything for…

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By Sarah, 04/30/2018 Sarah is a content writer and social media assistant with a BA in literature/creative writing from Wilkes University. When she’s not spending her days at work writing, reading, and drinking coffee, she’s usually at home reading, writing, and drinking coffee. She also devotes a fair amount of time to HGTV, drawing, and doting on her dog. As a creator, Sarah believes in emphasizing personality through design and DIY projects.
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