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Get Rid of Humidity with Dehumidifiers

Get Rid of Humidity with Dehumidifiers

When it rains a lot, things get a little uncomfortable… to say the least. Humidity is part of that heat, and it can lead to mold, insects, peeling paint or wallpaper, and even rotting wood. It’s important to understand how dehumidifiers work in order to determine which kind you should buy. How dehumidifiers work Depending…

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By Kayleigh, 09/18/2018 Kayleigh is a content writer with a BA in technical writing/literature and an MA in creative writing. When she’s not at work writing, she’s at home writing, reading, or binge-watching television shows… for research, of course. A big do-it-yourselfer and crafter, Kayleigh loves testing out projects and gifting them to friends and family—all in preparation for when she owns her own home one day and decorates with her own personal creations. Her work has appeared on The Writing Cooperative and as an Honorable Mention in East Meets West American Writers Review.