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Home Repairs to Never DIY

  • 08/04/2017
  • By Kendra
Home Repairs to Never DIY

Exercising the creative part of your brain to solve problems is great, but there are some repairs that should be left to the professionals—especially in the home.

With the digital age, people have access to an infinite amount of information with the touch of a button. It is not uncommon for people to search videos or “how to” guides on what may seem like a quick fix, and just do it themselves. Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook actively promote a DIY lifestyle.

Electrical Repairs

If you need an electrical repair requiring more than flipping a switch or changing a fuse, call an electrician.

Replacing faulty wiring must be done by a certified electrician to eliminate the dangers involved with electricity. These dangers include the possibility of getting shocked or causing a fire.

It is also important to consult a professional if you ever plan on selling your home.

Homes must be inspected, and if an inspector sees repairs that may not have been correctly/professionally, you could be subject to fines. Also, the value of your home could decrease.

Other dangers include messing with the grown fault operator (GFI). This device has a built-in fault sensor preventing users from getting shocked if there is a faulty connection. They’re usually used in areas where moisture is common—such as bathrooms and outdoor outlets. An electrician’s expertise, especially in this area, is crucial.

Roof Repair

Working on a roof is extremely dangerous because there is the potential to lose your footing and fall.

You can also do some serious damage to your home if the area is not repaired correctly. Fixing a leak or replacing a few shingles may seem straightforward, but quality work is important—especially when a storm hits.

A professional will successfully identify troublesome spots to make necessary fixes without causing more damage and wasting your money.

Gas Appliance Repair

Several devices in your home are dependent on gasoline including the dryer, oven, and hot water heater. It’s critical to call a professional if any of these are not working because of an issue with the gas line.

Safety is the main priority when it comes to natural gas because it is highly combustible. Professionals usually need to be certified to work with gas, and it is illegal to do so without certification in certain cities.

If a gas line is not properly installed or repaired, it could cause a leak or an explosion. Also, if a combustion exhaust is not vented correctly, carbon monoxide could leak into the home and poison anyone exposed to it.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your family and home are safe by calling a professional.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition Repair

If an HVAC unit at your home needs fixing, make sure you call a heating and cooling technician. A certification is required to repair any type of refrigerant line, compressor, or coil.

Furthermore, HVAC units are complexly designed and one of the most expensive appliances in the home. Special tools are required to fix the machine and attempting to fix any issues on your own could result in a voided warranty.

Electrical hazards are another concern when it comes to fixing your own HVAC unit. The equipment is connected to high-voltage electrical circuits, and you could seriously harm yourself if you make a mistake. Your house could also suffer from an electrical mishap.

Structural Repair

If you want to make a major change to your home by installing an open floor plan, call a remodeling expert. Making any significant structural changes on your own could be detrimental to the home’s foundation. Plus, you need a permit to make any changes and this could be difficult to obtain.

Other structural repairs or plans that shouldn’t be done on your own include building decks. If they are not structurally sound, a collapse could occur resulting in serious injury.

If you do the work without the permit anyway and decide to sell your house, more problems can arise. Any work done without a permit must be disclosed and this could divert interested buyers from moving forward with the purchase.

Ready to find a professional for home fixing? Check out some tips when hiring a home contractor to make sure repairs are done right!


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By Kendra, 08/04/2017 Kendra is a content writer with a BA in literature from Wilkes University. When she’s not reading up on the latest home decorating trends, Kendra is busy designing her future home, library included.


Kendra is a content writer with a BA in literature from Wilkes University. When she’s not reading up on the latest home decorating trends, Kendra is busy designing her future home, library included.

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