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Fireplace Makeover Tips

  • 09/01/2017
  • By Kendra
Fireplace Makeover Tips

It’s time to get your fireplace Fall-ready! 

The fireplace is often the focal point of a room, and you won’t regret putting it through a mini-renovation. Even more, some house-hunters seek out fireplaces and consider it a necessity–so keep this in mind if you’re considering selling your home anytime soon!

Now is the perfect time to give your fireplace a makeover. A little sprucing up will make all the difference as you cozy up to read, watch a movie, or spend time with loved ones.

Here are a few tips to makeover your fireplace:

Add a Dash of Color

Adding color just on and around the fireplace can give it the pop it needs. The eye will naturally be drawn to this part of the room, and it’s an opportunity to use a color that may be too vibrant to cover entire walls with. Whether you add color with paint or a different type of material, any natural light will make your color look even better.

A brighter color opens up other decor options as well because you can bring in neutral accessories, or take advantage of the color by adding other objects with the same color to the room. Creative color schemes will surely brighten up the room on chilly nights.

Arrange Artwork

Traditionally, fireplace mantels are a great place to hang or prop-up a painting.

A proportionally sized picture can bring depth to the wall above your fireplace. Its also your chance to firmly establish a theme in the room you’re decorating. Whether your rustic home benefits from a hand-painted pastel portrait of a farm or your contemporary style needs an abstract image, this is your chance to set the tone.

You can also add matching furniture and a coffee table to make the space in front of the fire cozy and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to compliment the piece by adding a throw pillow or vase with a matching color from the art!

Make it Modern

Clean lines accentuate edges of a fireplace and work well in a trendy, open-concept living room.

Pairing starkly contrasting colors together bring attention to smooth, sleek lines. White-on-white with a textured surface gives us even more to love about the chic space. The dark colored wall and accessories make the bright white fireplace stand out even more.

Modern fireplaces offer a sophisticated way to get warm. The soft rectangular shapes on the tile-like part of the fireplace also catches anyone’s attention as soon as they enter the room, and goes well with a patterned carpet.

Be Natural

Outdoor fireplaces are the perfect reason to get some fresh air this Fall under clear, starry skies. They extend a home’s usable square footage and is ideal to entertain guests.

Give your outdoor fireplace a little remodel with a stone wall to accent the overall design. The natural look is charming and highlights how functional your patio really is. Additionally, it gives your backyard and upscale look in a relaxing way.

Complete the look with a dark colored shelf and some accessories. Don’t hide any of your decorating skills just because this mantel is outside!

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By Kendra, 09/01/2017
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