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5 Reasons to Welcome Back Shiplap

  • 08/14/2017
  • By Kendra
5 Reasons to Welcome Back Shiplap

When it comes to interior design shiplap is back and is becoming more and more popular. The design gives us an ageless way to bring the outdoors inside.

Most people know of the material because of ‘Fixer Upper‘ on HGTV, where Chip and Joanna Gaines regularly used it in projects.

Popular in the late 1900s, this classic design tip can bring dimension to any room. Its rustic charm and versatile nature make it easy to transform any room into a cozy and easily customized space. If you love hygge, you’ll love shiplap.

Check out five reasons to welcome back shiplap!


Shiplap is a useful favorite in keeping cold out and will come in handy for people who may have a getaway cabin used during the winter months.

If you’re installing shiplap on your own, be sure it lays flat against the surface of the wall to avoid compromising the seal against cool weather. The boards will fit together accordingly and slightly overlap to keep it airtight. The walls also give the room a “mountain cabin” feel and make for a cozy place to spend time in with the fireplace on.


Shiplap’s versatility makes the material ideal in bringing depth to any space you put it in. Additionally, shiplap also looks great in lake houses, lofts, and attic ceilings.

It can add texture to walls without being overwhelming. Also, it can work as an accent wall behind a headboard in a bedroom, or a backdrop for your favorite work of art. You can even use it in the laundry room to transform a rather unpleasant place into a room you don’t mind spending your time in.

The design achieves a clean, cohesive, and comfortable atmosphere in any room.


If you have a summer getaway home, keep shiplap in mind.

Southern and coastal homes benefit greatly from shiplap. Not only do the white, wooden portions of a wall brighten the room, but they serve a greater purpose.

Shiplap can expand and contract as outside temperature fluctuates, while drywall cracks if it has to expand. Having a wall that can adapt to changes in weather will require less home repair and be more cost effective in the long run.


The natural look of shiplap is visually appealing as well. The shape of the wood, whether placed horizontally or vertically, makes for a seamless look and smooth transition from room to room.

It also has fewer layers than some other materials, such as drywall, and is good for spotting any normal wear and tear that comes with owning a home.


Shiplap is easily customized making it hard to pass-up. The wood can be painted to match the theme of any room it’s in. It can also be whitewashed and stained to personal preference.

Having such an easily customized wall design allows it to be used in any room.

With shiplap, the possibilities are endless!


By Kendra, 08/14/2017
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